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Tue, Nov. 14th, 2006, 03:36 pm
squickyclean: so that we will get some activity here

Reposted from my journal.

Oh, and congratulations to Janus for her triumph at Cinemanila! A REAL filmaker in our midst!

On with the brilliant ideas.

(1) So thoughtcauldron and genstallik are brothers, and they're really into World War II stuff. And they play in bands. So we told them, start another band! And you can call it...


I love me!

(2) yo_jo_mo mentioned that Molly Ringwald looks exactly the same as she did back in the '80s, only with wrinkles. This gave jollibeezus the wonderful notion to have a sequel to Sixteen Candles called, wait for it...


In this film, she forgets her own birthday!

We'll be here all week.