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Fri, Feb. 3rd, 2006, 07:13 pm
squickyclean: there is international wank about Jollibee

I repeat:


And if you guys have ever eaten in any Jollibee in the States, you gotta know that it's totally not the langhap-sarap experience we have here. I say this as someone who has had Jollibee almost everyday for the past year and hate it now but still acknowledge that when it's not the only food available it's pretty good...oh shit I'm delirious with fever and dermatology right now forgive me

Fri, Jan. 13th, 2006, 05:47 pm
yo_jo_mo: kiligacious

There were a lot of juicy happenings the past week and one ongoing kiligness that need to be dramatified into a korean telenovela. Details anyone?

Fri, Jan. 6th, 2006, 08:28 am
sassy_brutality: booo to bohol

new trend to start, thanks to my friend icachoo's kuya, who was my first love hahaha:

if boo is for things we don't like then moo is for things we do like.

so boo to bohol.
boo to kara.
moo to her soundtrack, does this mean i don't have to go to ur house on saturday?
moo to the bartender, catering, GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS and two magic mics available. yes two.
boo kara, you're missing so much. shall we mini break up again cause of this? :P ala paris nicole only saglit lang.

Thu, Jan. 5th, 2006, 11:14 am
jollibeezus: Dead serious.

"Gera! Gera! Bang! Bang!" - the violent new musical from established filmmakers The Velasco Sisters soon to hit people worldwide! KAPOW!

Gera! I'm asking you to filmify your debut for me since I won't be there :(( I'm sending over the soundtrack to your house later naman. This is the comeback project of KGL.

Necesary elements for a good KGL movie:
  • kantutacious behaviour
  • magic mic
  • the line "Bahala na si Batman!"
  • the song "More Bounce (in Muntinlupa)"
  • dirty dancing
  • your bff's newly discovered hotter twin brother going up to you and saying "Stop making the eyes at me and I'll stop making the eyes at you." para wala nang drama
  • gangsters
  • and copious amounts of fruity alcoholic drinks and/or blood.

You know I'm cut to the core about not pizartying with the homies, right? But the tarsiers of Bohol need me and so I must go. But I'll be mopey, wear black, and be bantot as a sign of mourning.

Fri, Nov. 4th, 2005, 09:41 am
jollibeezus: Because God does things in his own time...

Happy Birthday January!

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 11:37 am
dead_badger2: "come hither" Bill

a young Bill Gates

 Bill Gates reclining in a hotel room, proferring a rose.


Fri, Jan. 28th, 2005, 04:11 pm
squickyclean: furthering my faye wong-ish career

So it felt very Wong Kar Wai-ey, since our group in community medicine is doing a video on smoking cessation, and being one of only three people in the whole group that smoke, they filmed me.  Several shots, from different angles, of me taking excruciatingly long puffs, interminably long exhalations, painstakingly griding out a cigarette butt.  Don't look at me that way.  It is a moment wherein I get to be all art-filmy.

Also from now on the OTP on my side of the pond is Jan/Greg Sanders.  Ayaw Library Boy.  Pwede ba sa Hanggang Jan Ka Lang Doc we get a CSI/Lab tech angle na lang?  Like I meet him on one of those conferences or something that CSIs and doctors go to.  Or we're attending different conferences, but it's the same hotel, then we go to the hotel room and...talk...and after we...talk...he shows me how to work the ALS (you know, the blue light thing that makes surfaces glow when it's been stained by bodily fluids) and the bed is totally bright blue.  WHEE!

Sun, Jan. 9th, 2005, 09:03 am
elamenina: Because Gera! has no patience...

Well, this was going to come later, but since you couldn't wait for it...


KGL was just being fashionably late in greeting you.

PS Somewhere along Makati Ave near Jupiter, there is a Korean restaurant called Gela. Is this one of your sidelines or does it fall under the giant KGL umbrella?

Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004, 05:36 pm
elamenina: In The Mood for Mumu

KGL Productions is proud to present yet another film, In The Mood For Mumu, a(n) homage to WKW. Four rooms, four stories, many mumu! Romance! Drama! Action! Horror! With added blood and gore! Implied kantutacious action! And lengthy smoking scenes! Loosely based on a true story, ITMFM follows the lives of the occupants renting rooms in : Gera! + Takeshi, Jo Q. with her wall-shaking bed scenes, Mel, and Jan + Tony. Tony slaves away at his thankless job and hardly ever comes home which leads Jan to think that mebbe he's got another woman. To relieve her stress, Jan smokes a bajillion fags a day which leads to her death (not lung cancer, but I promise it has something to do with the mumu and cigarettes). Mel has a fear of leaving the shower, but Kacy her therapist tells her to imagine that instead of crazy homicidal maniac greeting her outside shower that it's Chad Michael Murray instead. Bad advice Kacy! Doppleganger mumu strikes again. Gera! can't cook which frustrates Takeshi who is a cooking master boy. He patiently teaches her how to cook but 10...100...1000 hours later, Gera! still can not cook anything except for instant ramen. This leads to tension in their relationship and I forgot what Gera! decided should happen in her story and how exactly the ghosts fit in. Aside from the cuisinal problems, Gera! + Takeshi's neighbour, Jo Q., adds to the tension by disrupting their peaceful moments with what sounds like chiquichiqui wall shaking. Jo Q not having sex but actually jumping on bed singing along to songs that sound like orgasmic moaning dies due to mysterious ceiling fan mumu.

Side Note: Sorry for the rambling, but I can't think in sentences anymore. Finished BR which sounds like it was written by Raphael the Ninja Turtle on LJ (listed interests: sweet dreams romance novels, wrestling, fashion reporting, fascism, military programs, junior high school students, guns, frases which substitute sentences). Big brain fart. When brain works, will think of rest of ideas and edit this hopefully.

Ayan Gera! I'm writing about ITMFM na so after this you have to explain Medical Ninjas to KGL. By the way, is it spelled mumu or moomoo? In The Mood For Aswang also sounds nice but it limits our monstar to aswang and why stop at aswangs when you can have kapres, tiyanaks, tikbalangs, manananggals, etc as well right? I was thinking that maybe we should make it like Shake Rattle and Roll only directed Wong Kara Wai style because I want pinoy mythology in it, but then it won't be cool and art filmy. Since we're on a budget, we can only afford to make art films (excuse for crap quality work).

Sana we could put in our Seven Days vague message plan because it sounds horrorific but then sina Boo and Best Friend can't make it. I introduced my dad to Boo na, but my dad didn't like him. He said, "I don't think I like my future son-in-law. He's so panget. Why do you like him? He's a batido (my dad meant kanto boy but mixed it up with the word for milkshake)." And you say I'm superficial. Crap my mouse is turn left turn righting on me.

Thu, Dec. 9th, 2004, 01:09 am
lash: (no subject)

kara are you home? i know you're secretive about these things but word gets around and i always know everything because i have magic powers. anyway, to get this community shakin' and to celebrate your return i am uploading a very special song by popstar-era!takeshi kaneshiro called "tell kara i love her" or something very similar. merry jerry, like the shirt says.

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