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We're the most stylin' girls in the world!
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Kara is magical, and Gera! is fabulous. Kara is the most stylin' manager in the world, and Gera! is the coolest chakababe in the world. Kara is conservative. Gera! is kinky. Opposites attract, yo. Fo shizzle ma nizzle. It's aight, dawg. They're both shy. They do believe in faeries. They do! They do! And everyone here is specialsparklykawaii!

This is a community for people who love Kara and Gera! (if you don't, you die). Or for people who just like to spread the Kantutacious Love. Or for people who enjoy saying Chupa! Join the Kara and Gera! party and feel bobo today *smiley happy face!!!*

We make movies, discover and exploit talents, plan extravagant parties and are to be immortalised forever in historically via pop culture thanks to our creativity, fame, glitzz, glamour, evil schemes, exploitations and talents.

Maintained by the gorgeous squickyclean (NOT LUNA!!!)

Joross Gamboa
Hero Angeles
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